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NOISUF-X - 10 Years of Riot
2CD Album Digipak - Limited
CAT. Nr.: PN 074
EAN : 4250137209654
Rel. Date : 30.04.2015

CD 1:

01 Die Tam-Tams klopfen nicht mehr [Intro-Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from ANTIPODE
02 Happy Birthday - taken from ANTIPODE
03 Jezebel [Exclusive Mix] (released auf Sündenfall Vol.5) - taken from TINNITUS
04 Tinnitus [Akustikusneurinom Version] (released auf Zillo Club Hits 11) taken from TINNITUS
05 My Time [Hurry-Up-Mix] (released auf Advanced Electronics Vol5) - taken from TINNITUS
06 Hit Me Hard [As Hard As You Can-Mix] (released auf Endzeig Bunkertracks Vol3) - taken from BEAUTY OF DESTRUCTION
07 Orgasm - taken from BEAUTY OF DESTRUCTION
08 Toccata Del Terrore - taken from BEAUTY OF DESTRUCTION
09 Krach Bumm - taken from VOODOO RITUAL
10 Noise And Bouncing - taken from VOODOO RITUAL
11 Deutschland braucht Bewegung - taken from EXCESSIVE EXPOSURE
12 Aggrophil - taken from EXCESSIVE EXPOSURE
13 Wir Fuehlen Den Krach [Dangerous Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from DEAD END DISTRICT
14 Clubhit - taken from DEAD END DISTRICT
15 Warning - taken from WARNING
16 Du Musst Tanzen [Wake Up Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from WARNING
17 Scary Looking Thing - taken from WARNING
18 The Typical Fuck You Song [Wait-Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from INVASION
19 Stille Ist Ein Privileg [Auf-Empfang-Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from INVASION

CD 2 :

01 P-S-D [2015 Demo]
02 Play it Loud [2015 Demo]
03 Big Bang [2015 Demo]
04 Be A Doer [2015 Demo]
05 Warning [feat. Javi Ssagittar] (released auf Resistanz Compilation 2013)
06 Hard Attack [2013 Unfinished Demo]
07 First Time Optimistic [Industry Mix]
08 Grufti Alarm [2012 Unfinished]
09 Flashback [2013 Unfinished]
10 Goahead [2010 Unreleased demo]
11 Go [2005 Unreleased]
12 Routineauftrag [2006 Unreleased]
13 Traumfänger [2005 Unreleased]
14 Vollmond [2005 Unreleased]

Now you can pre-order INVASION. Check the discography for previews and tracklist. pre-order here: www.x-beats.de. Preview video at facebook: www.facebook.com/noisufxofficial

Release date: 27|06|2014
+ signed NOISUF-X postcard


01 Let�s Get Started
02 The Typical Fuck You Song
03 Shit On Cyborgs
04 Egomaniac
05 Stille Ist Ein Privileg
06 Anything Else To Say
07 Mad As Hell
08 Prison For Your Mind
09 I Am Like God
10 Brenn Mit Mir
11 Hall Of The Mountain King [Cover]
12 Android
13 Menschen 2.0


01 Bloodshed
02 Tod Der Erde
03 Invasion
04 Unreal
05 Es Rauscht [STOPPENBERG mix]

2/1/13 is the release date for the new Noisuf-X Album "Warning". The night is silent, but you HAVE TO dance, this and no other way it'll be when WARNING rocks your ear canals. ProNoize's figure head arises all-out mercyless once again- 13 Electro/Industrial hits (incl Tinnitus 2K13) know no mercy. BE PREPARED

Die Nacht ist still, aber ihr MÜSST tanzen, so und nicht anders wird es sein wenn WARNING Eure Gehörgänge erschüttert. Das ProNoize Aushängeschild zeigt sich einmal mehr gnadenlos kompromisslos - 13 Electro / Industrial Knaller (incl.Tinnitus 2013) kennen keine Gnade. BE PREPARED.


01 Scary Looking Thing (4:03)
02 Du Musst Tanzen [Oh Süsses Lied] (4:13)
03 WTF? [What The Funk] (4:13)
04 Aftermath (3:02)
05 Tinnitus 2k13 (3:49)
06 Warning (4:25)
07 Klick Klick (4:33)
08 Whatever It Is (4:15)
09 Joking ;-) (4:01)
10 The Machine (4:09)
11 Humourless Men (4:09)
12 Stomp`n´Roll (3:55)
13 Endgegner (2:24)

In the current issues of SONIC SEDUCER, ZILLO, NEGATIEF and ORKUS you can read interviews with NOISUF-X and reviews about "Dead End District". You can also order now the new NERVOUZ-NEON-ANT T-Shirt/Girlie-Shirt in neon-green or neon-blue.

Nervouz Neon Ant Shirt

// english:


It comes with a handsigned postcard and will be send out about 2 days before the official release date [16.09.2011].
“DEAD END DISTRICT" be released as a standard edition and as a limited edition Digipack in form of a DVD with a bonus disc, limited to 888 copies.

Also available NOW: [Car]-Sticker

You can find our shop here: www.noisuf-x.com -> CD´S & MERCH
For prelistening please visit the official website and go to: www.noisuf-x.com -> DISCOGRAPHY.
You can also listen to previews at facebook, myspace,lastfm & reverbnation.


September 16 finally sees the release of an all new album by ‘Noisemeisters’ NOISUF-X!
This German project dominates for years the dancefloor of the industrial- and noise dancefloors around the planet and each and every of their albums and EPs has been a big success! Tracks such as ‘Tinnitus’, ‘Hit me hard’, ‘3000 Phon’ or ‘Deutschland braucht Bewegung’ have become evergreens of the industrial culture and are part of almost all DJ sets of the noise/industrial club-scene!
While the previous album ‘Excessive Exposure’ featured guest appearances by ‘classic’ Electro-artists such as Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork) or Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando), NOISUF-X this time take a quite unusual, surprising approach, by collaborating with one of THE biggest SKA-Newcomers around: ‘Population’ from England. The result is different to what you ever dated to hear: Call it ‘FUTURE SKA’! A unique symbiosis of Industrial and Ska that will move the masses!
Dead End District delivers club-compatible material on the usual, highest Quality level, but isn’t afraid of experimentations that further develop the unique, and original sound of this outstanding industrial/Electro project! In short: album that sets new standards!


// deutsch:


Verschickt wird die CD zusammen mit einer handsignierten Autogrammkarte ca. 2 Tage vor dem offiziellen Veröffentlichungsdatum [16.09.2011].
"DEAD END DISTRICT" erscheint in einer Standard Version und in einem auf 888 Kopien limitierten Digipack im DVD-Format mit Bonus CD.

Ausserdem ab JETZT erhältlich: [Auto]-Aufkleber

Und hier findest Du unseren Shop: www.noisuf-x.com -> CD´S & MERCH
Hörproben gibts hier: www.noisuf-x.com -> DISCOGRAPHY
Ausserdem gibt es Hörproben auf facebook, myspace,lastfm & reverbnation.


Am 16ten September ist es soweit, mit Dead End District erscheint der nächste Streich aus dem Hause NOISUF-X.
NOISUF-X beherrschen mit ihrem aussergewöhnlichen Sound seit Jahren die Tanzflächen der einschlägigen Musiktempel im In- und Ausland, Titel wie - Tinnitus, Hit me Hard, 3000 Phon oder Deutschland braucht Bewegung - sind fester Bestandteil nahezu aller Club Djs. Waren es auf Excessive Exposure Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork) und Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando) die für eine Zusammenarbeit begeistert werden konnten, geht man diesmal ungewöhnliche Wege. Mit Population konnte einer DER SKA Newcomer überhaupt aus England für eine Zusammenarbeit gewonnen werden, Future Ska ist anders, denn Future Ska ist Future Ska, eine erstmalige Symbiose aus Indsutrial und Ska und wird die Massen begeistern. Dead End District liefert wie gewohnt auf hohem Standard Clubfutter in Massen, scheut aber auch nicht vor Experimenten. Dead End District - der nächste grosse Wurf aus dem Hause NOISUF-X.
Dead End District erscheint in einer Standard Version und einer limitierten Version mit einer 5 track Bonus CD im künstlerisch hochwertig gestaltetem DVD Format - limitiert auf 888 Exemplare.



01 Stay Still (4:21)
02 Clubhit (4:11)
03 Es Wird Brennen.. (4:17)
04 Done In 15 Minutes (4:13)
05 Strange Signal (4:34)
06 First Time Optimistic (3:33)
07 Shout Loud (3:48)
08 Fulfill Its Promise (4:23)
09 Wir Fühlen Den Krach (3:51)
10 Future Ska [feat. Population] (4:20)
11 What (4:37)
12 HiFi (4:03)
13 MurderHouse (4:14)


01 Genesis (1:18)
02 Kill A Brain (4:26)
03 Done In 15 Minutes [club mix] (4:05)
04 Hexensabbat (3:24)
05 I Don`t Trust You (4:15)
06 Everyone Here Is Mad (3:50)


Where to find NOISUF-X:

WEBSITE: www.noisuf-x.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/NOISUFXofficial
MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/noisufx
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/#!/xfusion_noisufx
REVERBNATION: www.reverbnation.com/NOISUFX
GOOGLE+: www.plus.google.com/116368694450072784756
LASTFM: http://www.lastfm.de/music/Noisuf-X

also on FACEBOOK:
JAN L:.: www.facebook.com/Jan.XMP

"Excessive Exposure" will be released as Japanese Limited Digipak Edition with Bonus-Tracks from the ltd. Boxset on Deatwatchasia. For more information plz visit: http://www.deathwatchasia.com


4th album from German industrial noise legend - under exclusive license from ProNoize (Germany)! Harsh distorted beats for maniac freaks!
Special Japan-only digipak release, with 2 bonus tracks featuring vocals from SUICIDE COMMANDO and PROJECT PITCHFORK!

“Excessive Exposure” is the brilliant and punchy new album from one of the best and biggest acts in the industrial scene today: NOISUF-X.

Starting in 2005 with debut album “Antipode”, NOISUF-X began as a side-project of the EBM act X-FUSION: but has emerged over the last 5 years as a powerful musical force in its own right, with the aggressive albums “The Beauty Of Destruction” (ProNoize: 2007, Gravitator: 2008) and most recently “Voodoo Ritual” (ProNoize: 2009).

Over the last couple of years, NOISUF-X has played live at the largest industrial and alternative music festivals all over the world: AMPHI (Germany), INFEST (UK), NECROPOLIS (Mexico), KINETIK (Canada), DARK AREA (Germany), GOTHIC (Belgium), SUMMER DARKNESS (Netherlands): alongside acts such as COMBICHRIST, KMFDM, VNV NATION, AND ONE and DIARY OF DREAMS.
In 2010, NOISUF-X will appear at the DV8 festival (UK) and CASTLE PARTY (Poland).

Tracks by NOISUF-X are a seemingly-permanent fixture of every major industrial compilation: including every edition of the best-selling “Endzeit Bunkertracks” (Alfa-Matrix) series.

Jan’s production skills as an audio engineer are among the most sought-after in the industrial scene: his resume makes impressive reading: having mixed and mastered multiple albums by SUICIDE COMMANDO, ALIEN VAMPIRES and C-LEKKTOR, and mastered countless albums including HEIMATAERDE, SAM, [:SITD:], XOTOX and X MARKS THE PEDWALK.

For DWA alone, Jan has mastered the INFACTED ASIA compilation (DWA909), C-LEKKTOR (DWA102: Tendencias Suicidas), CEDIGEST (DWA113: Falling In The Spirit), MENSCHDEFEKT (DWA105: The Human Parasite), FREAKANGEL (DWA114: The Faults Of Humanity) plus bonus tracks for AESTHETIC PERFECTION (DWA920: A Violent Emotion) and GRENDEL (DWA919: Chemicals + Circuitry).

Under the NOISUF-X name, Jan has also produced a huge number of remixes for acts such as UNTER NULL, SOMAN, SIVA SIX (DWA901: Flesh And Will Resurrected), NACHTMAHR, PROJECT PITCHFORK and SUICIDE COMMANDO.

The DWA Japanese Limited Edition release of “Excessive Exposure” includes 2 bonus tracks from the ProNoize European 2CD boxset: featuring lyrics and guest vocals from fellow industrial-scene legends Johan van Roy (SUICIDE COMMANDO) and Peter Spilles (PROJECT PITCHFORK).

The first 100 units only are presented in Japan-only 6-panel digipak format, with artwork redesigned by DWA from Jan’s own original designs. The original red and grey colour-scheme has been replaced with a cold blue: reflecting the album title! The redesigned booklet includes lyrics from the bonus tracks: written by Peter Spilles and Johan van Roy.


01. All Systems Go!
02. Deutschland Braucht Bewegung
03. Please Hang Up (Mobile Interference)
04. Aggrophil
05. Excessive Exposure
06. I Am Watching You
07. Hans Dampf
08. White Noise
09. Fucking Invective
10. RAPture (Holy Shit Mix)
11. Beatz & Bass (Blast In Your Face)
12. Effeccctt
13. Fire (C-64 Tribute)
14. Shut (The Hell) Up


15. Jaws (featuring Johan van Roy: SUICIDE COMMANDO)
16. Creep (featuring Peter Spilles: PROJECT PITCHFORK)

'Excessive Exposure - Japanese Limited Digipak Edition' will be released in Japan on July 3rd 2010, priced at 2,500 JPY.
Pre-ordered copies will ship around June 18th 2010.
Pre-order at the special 'Hayawari Discount' rate of 2,125 JPY (15% OFF: equivalent to around 22.00USD or 18,00EUR), inclusive of FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, is open now.

In the current issues of SONIC SEDUCER, ZILLO, ORKUS and GOTHIC MAGAZINE you can read interviews with NOISUF-X and reviews about "Excessive Exposure".


On 04|03|2010 from 18.00h - 20.00h you can watch a german video interview by Radio UnArt (recorded 12|12|2009 after a NOISUF-X live show at Matrix Bochum).
For more information please visit their website: www.unart.tv


Now you can PREORDER "Excessive Exposure". It comes with a handsigned postcard and will be send out about 2 days before the official release date [01.04.2010].
“Excessive Exposure“ will be released as a standard edition and as a limited edition box with a bonus CD „Excessive Extension“ which includes guest vocals by no less a figure than Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork) and Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando).

Watch also out for the new "Excessive Exposure T-Shirt" - exclusively in our shop. You can find our shop here: www.noisuf-x.com -> cd`s & merch
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New booking agency:

NEUWERK will be handling all booking matters for NOISUF-X in the future. Please address your requests to : peddy@neuwerk-music.de

NOISUF-X remixed "X Marks the Pedwalk - Seventeen". Soon out on Infacted Recordings.

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We have new and exclusive T-Shirts, Girlie V-Necks and Workershirts in our store. The shirts have a high quality and noble foamed print on the front and on the back.

NOISUF-X remixed DEATH OF SELF "The Dark Passenger".

NOISUF-X remixed SUICIDE COMMANDO "Die Motherfucker Die" and also supported SUICIDE COMMANDO as a Live-keyboarder at the Tinitus Festival / Sweden.

VOODOO RITUAL reached position 5 of the GEWC-Charts, position 03 of the DUC-Charts and position 15 of the GAC-Charts.


Now you can PREORDER the limited first edition of "NOISUF-X - Voodoo Ritual / Digipak". It comes with a handsigned postcard and will be send out about ONE WEEK before the official release date [27.02.2009].

Price: 14 Euro + Shipping

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For prelistening please visit the official website [www.noisuf-x.com] and go to the DISCOGRAPHY, or take a look at our myspace profile: www.myspace.com/noisufx

New NOISUF-X Merchandise available.

“Nervouz Beatz For Maniac Freakz” - Lanyard exclusively in our X-Beats CD-Store available.


The forthcoming NOISUF-X album "Voodoo Ritual" is planned for the end of 02/2009. So stay tuned..

FREE DOWNLOAD - NACHTMAHR "Schwarzflug" [remixed by NOISUF-X] /// Info from NACHTMAHR:

The Nachtmahr / Katharsis EP does not only feature remixes by an all-star line up namely Xotox, Soman, Straftanz,Noisuf-X, Reaper and many more but also two exclusive new tracks. To celebrate the release we are making one song from this disc available to you to freely and legally download on our Vampirefreaks profile. So direct your browsers there to get the excellent Remix of Schwarzflug produced by Noisuf-X: "DOWNLOAD HERE"

NOISUF-X remixed ALIEN VAMPIRE´s "Fuck off and die".


From now on you can order our new T-Shirts, consistent with the forthcoming album VOODOO RITUAL, which will be released most likely in Autumn 2008. Because all other NOISUF-X - T-shirts are sold out, we decided to sell the new shirts earlier than planned.
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More information about the album "Voodoo Ritual" will follow in a few weeks. So stay tuned.

"The Beauty of Destruction" reached position 23 in the DAC "Top50 of the year" charts.

"The Beauty of Destruction" will be released on the russian label Gravitator Records: http://www.gravitator.ru/releases/grr059

NOISUF-X remixed ALTER DER RUINE "Coppin`it" and DUST IS NOISE "Built To Burn".

KOMBAT UNIT [www.kombat-unit.com] is the name of the brandnew side project from SUICIDE COMMANDO mastermind Johan and X-FUSION/NOISUF-X noise terrorist Jan, founded early May 2007.

The first KOMBAT UNIT attack "we are machines" can be found in exclusivity on the upcoming "noise terror volume 2" sampler, out on NTP/Dependent soon !
You can prelisten the song here: www.myspace.com/kombatunit

More combats are already in preparation, so seek shelter !!!

"The Beauty Of Destruction" reached position 02 at the DAC-Charts, position 05 in the GAC Charts and position 10 in the Native 25 Charts.

New picture gallery & live pics online.

Now you can order the second NOISUF-X Album "The Beauty Of Destruction" [Digipak] and new NOISUF-X T-Shirts.


25.05.07 | Matrix [Bochum]
26.05.07 | Druckkammer [Koblenz]
26.05.07 | Kuz [Mainz]
01.06.07 | Cat Cafe [Ulm]
08.06.07 | Dark Area [Kassel]
09.06.07 | Markthalle [Hamburg]
10.06.07 | Meyer [Siegen]
16.06.07 | Vier Linden [Hildesheim]
22.06.07 | Meier Music Hall [Braunschweig]

"Tinnitus" reached position 13 at the Brazilian Alternative Charts.
NOISUF-X is still working on the forthcoming album "The Beauty Of Destruction" which will be released later this year (circa spring or summer 2007).
NOISUF-X remixed FabrikC`s "n.h.n.s"

NOISUF-X appears on the following compilations: Advanced Electronics Vol.5; When Angels Die, Extreme Sündenfall 5 !
Currently i`m planning to print some new NOISUF-X T-Shirts. Stay tuned.

"Tinnitus" reached position 3 at the DAC-Charts, position 5 at the GAC-Charts (Greek Alternative Charts) and position 21 in the Native25 Charts.

You`re able to pre-order NOISUF-X´s EP "Tinnitus" now and you´ll get a signed copy of it one week before the official releasedate. [25.09.06] Just click on the CD-STORE in the main-menu. For mp3-samples take a look at the discography. You can also download a "Tinnitus" wallpaper in the download-section now.

Releasedate confirmed: The TINNITUS EP, the 2. NOISUF-X CD, will be released on 25.09.06. In a few weeks you are able to preorder the CD here. For further information please subscribe the newsletter and we`ll keep you informed about the preordering. In the next issues of GOTHIC MAGAZINE, SONIC SEDUCER and ORKUS you can read interviews with NOISUF-X. "My time" will be released on the GOTHIC COMPIALTION Vol.34.

NOISUF-X remixed L´AME IMMORTELLE's "Du siehst mich nicht" which will be released on the MCD "Phönix/Du siehst mich mich".
The forthcomming NOISUF-X EP "Tinnitus" [inclusive some really interesting remixes] is planned for september 2006. [Take a look at the discography for the tracklist]

New website online.
NOISUF-X remixed IMPLANT feat. Anne Clark "Our world" which will be released on the album "Fading away".

Again some little website-updates. NOISUF-X is now also at myspace: www.myspace.com/noisuf-x
Aderlass Vol.4 Compilation containing the track "Tinnitus" out now.

Live-Video from the Zwischenfall-show for free download available (forum)
Cyberlab V5.0 Compilation containing the track "Tinnitus" out now.
Zillo Club-Hits Vol.11 containing the track "Tinnitus (Akustikusneurinom version)" out now.

ANTIPODE reached position 7 at the DAC-Charts.
NOISUF-X LIVE on stage together with XOTOX: >> 22.10.05 Zwischenfall <<
NOISUF-X is remixing "Destroy me / UNTER NULL". This track will be released on the limited 2CD album "The Failure Epophany".

NOISUF-X remixed "Feuchte Hosen / Angelus Mortus" and "Maschinenwelten /Stahlfrequenz".
New Webshop "X-BEATS" online. NOISUF-X Merchandising now available. Take a look at MERCHANDISE.

The first official NOISUF-X fulltime album "Antipode" willl be released on 11.07.2005.
Interviews in the actual issues of Orkus, Gothic, Zillo, Sonic-Seducer aso.

"Happy Birthday" will be released on Endzeit Bunkertracks 4CD-Sampler in 03/2005.
NOISUF-X remixed "Lass mich / XOTOX". This remix will be released on the limited 2CD-album "PSI".

NOISUF-X signed ProNoize/Dark Dimensions